Newspaper and coldset product manufacturing is one of the markets where the standard Technique products have been specifically developed to solve problems and improve productivity.



Some example benefits within newspaper production:

  • Fast and accurate calculation of time and multi-web materials
  • Visibility of constraints such as reel-stands and towers
  • Highly automated paper inventory processes
  • Integrated contract management


The Estimating system allows any number of webs to be defined and each web can be a different material and/or have a different colour makeup. This allows precise control over the number of full colour, two colour and/or single colour pages. Combined with the ability to collate and/or insert products in the bindery in either in-line or off-line mode makes a quick, highly accurate, all-encompassing estimating solution for the newspaper market.

Enquiry forms can be designed for specific product groups ensuring sales people have a quick and simple way to submit essential information to Estimating. By reducing administration and misunderstanding, quotations can be generated faster and with greater accuracy.

Order Management

The ability to view an imposed layout showing the pages per web and the colours running on each page ensures that customer service teams can instantly answer technical questions about adding additional full colour pages and whether any additional cost is involved.

Daily and weekly newspaper production requires jobs to be created and manipulated quickly. Technique Order Management does exactly this by allowing jobs to be created from contract price lists and copied forward for months or years at a time. Each issue can be quickly modified to reflect changes in circulation figures, final page counts and versions.

Production Scheduling

The Scheduling tool allows resource planning by folder. Additionally constraint planning of reel-stands and print towers ensures there are no conflicts in the schedule. Simple and effective Scheduling provides opportunities to improve utilisation and reduce costs.

Inventory Management

Daily newspaper production consumes thousands of paper reels every year. Managing inventory is a breeze with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI or papiNet) to automatically receive paper manifests from your supplier. Additionally with real-time WiFi enabled barcode scanners, paper can be moved and location tracked in the warehouse.

Data Collection / Paper Monitoring

Whilst Data Collection is monitoring the folder for counts and waste, Paper Monitoring is calculating accurate paper usage at the reel-stand. Each data collection unit knows which reel-stands are being used on the job allowing accurate reporting of time, waste and material as well as GSM yield per reel. As reels are spliced or ended, inventory is labeled, automatically depleted and part reels are automatically re-labelled with the remaining weight.


  • Coldset web
  • Heatset web
  • Trimmers
  • Collators
  • Inserters
  • Saddle-stitching
  • Polybagging
  • Many types of finishing resources


  • AFL Web (US)
  • Concentra Media (Belgium)
  • Editorial Prensa Ibérica (Spain)
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