Direct Marketing

In the fast-paced and complex arena of Direct Marketing, accurate estimating and quick job processing are key to making jobs cost effective. With Technique MIS you can meet these challenges while raising customer responsiveness to new levels.

Direct Marketing


Some example benefits within Direct Marketing production:

  • Ability to quote from or include costs from pricing lists
  • Build and update complex finishing profiles
  • Support for multiple components within one quote or job


Within the Direct Marketing sector, complex finishing can be key to a job. Technique has developed a highly sophisticated estimating system that has the power and flexibility to handle even the most demanding requirements. It incorporates new features such as Outsource Procurement supporting true Business to Business communication with preferred suppliers via a Web Portal.

Technique's ability to hold many routes for the same product allows estimators to experiment with variations and present the most cost effective options to the customer. All aspects of the production routes are considered, and multi-version quotations can be easily generated.

Using the Technique Contract Management system you can account for all of your Data Processing needs from either a standard or client specific rate card.

The unique manufacturing process template within Technique Estimating allows complex finishing routes to be built using a highly intuitive graphical interface. Estimators can access a library of stored templates to be re-used as required. A further benefit is the ability for less experienced estimators to access and use this acquired expertise, elevating them to the standard of your best estimator.

Negate the need for time consuming quote production using Technique's pre-defined quotation formats.

Revisions to existing quotations are a breeze with Technique Estimating. Quantity changes and specification changes can be performed quickly and accurately within minutes.

Production Scheduling

Direct Marketing commonly has a diverse mix of print components, whether in-house or supplied. Tracking all the components from initial receipt, through production to completion of the mailing pack has always remained a challenge. Technique provides a solution to this challenge by utilising Event tracking to record all of the critical schedule information from data receipt dates, insert receipt dates through to the actual mailing date.

Inventory Management

Track all work in progress, supplied items such as flyers or cards and finished goods using Technique's Inventory module. All items are uniquely barcoded to help locate, move and consume during each production process.


The Fulfillment module provides a browser interface for customers to view their managed inventory. A full range of inventory transactions including ship, replenish, back order, pick list and kit creation are available. Customer websites/portals can be branded thereby providing a familiar look and feel for your clients. The Fulfillment module is completely integrated with rest of Technique MIS including Order Management and Inventory.


  • Heatset web (reel-to-reel)
  • Sheet-fed
  • Digital
  • Press inline finishing
  • Personalisation
  • Enclosing


  • GI Solutions Group (UK)
  • Segerdahl Group (US)
  • The Lettershop Group (UK)


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