Scheduling Opportunities

We understand that planners at printing companies need to know about everything that is happening, everywhere, right now! At Technique we have proven solutions that are simple to use and quick to implement.

Scheduling Opportunities

Just a few of the reasons to love our Planner software:

Take control of your day

The visually appealing, intuitive and simple to use software, combined with powerful functionality gives you more of your most precious asset back to you - Time.

Time to make proactive decisions, time to inform colleagues and customers, time to do what you do best. - Efficient.

Always Know

Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time information. Key events including availability of plates, files, approvals, paper and of course, equipment. - Now.

Make Good Choices

Real-time feedback from the Technique Data Collection systems provides event tracking, copies, waste, estimated finish time etc. keeping you current with planned vs. actual performance in real-time and allowing you to make informed decisions. - Manage.

Will it work for me?

The simple answer is Yes - the planning system can be installed standalone, integrated with your existing systems, or as a part of the complete Technique MIS. Whatever your situation, the planning system can quickly be helping you do your job better. - In as little as a week!

Did you know? 100% of Technique Customers use Planning and they love it!

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