Reduce Waste

Managing paper can be a big financial headache for Financial Controllers at Printing Companies. Whether it is cash tied up in unnecessary inventory; tracking and claiming for paper problems; or reducing overruns, at Technique we have proven solutions that are simple to use, fast to implement and quick to save you money.

Reduce Waste

Just a few of the reasons to love our Inventory software:

Print what you get paid for

With exact counting all the way through the process from paper receipt, through inventory, onto the press, through work in progress and finally finishing, there is no reason for costly overs. Also, gone is the need to ever go back to press to reprint due to running short counts. The Technique inventory system maintains precise, visible, real time information all the way through the production process. - Accurate.

Understand Paper Performance

Our Data collection system combined with our Paper Monitoring provides detailed web break analysis by Paper type, Operator and Job - some Technique customers have reduced their web breaks by up to 60%. - Profitable.

Make Good Choices

With real-time feedback from the Technique inventory, Planning and Data Collection systems in terms of paper yield, availability, location, waste, you are always aware of planned vs. actual performance and costs and can make informed decisions. - Manage.

Will it work for me?

The simple answer is Yes - the inventory, planning or Data Collection and Roll stand systems can be installed standalone, integrated with your existing systems, or as a part of the complete Technique MIS. Whatever your situation Technique software can help you keep more of your cash in the bank, and not in the warehouse. - Improve cash flow.

Did you know? A Technique customer reduced unsold ‘overs' by $500,000/year by using the inventory and data collection systems - they just love it!

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