More Quotes - More Business

Technique customers find it possible to produce 30% more quotes with no increase in resources. Anything from a spiral bound book to a complex piece, such as limited edition case bound books or a combination of everything in between. The intelligent Technique book estimating system makes configuring and pricing a book quick and easy.

More Quotes - More Business

Here are just a few ways Technique can help you be more effective:

First to Respond

Always be the first to respond to quote requests. With the web based integrated and customisable quote request, most of the input for your estimators is already done before they even see it. Pricing can typically be returned in 15 minutes. - Fast.

Make Good Choices

Technique's calculation engine examines every possible manufacturing route (in a few seconds) and identifies the optimal process for each quantity or variation. This powerful workflow ensures accurate and complete estimates every time. - Manage.

Take Control of Your Day

Did you know that only one estimate is required to quote all the variations your customer could ask for; and produces a quote letter for all your variations! - Effective.

Will it Work For Me?

The simple answer is Yes - Technique Book Estimating is flexible enough to estimate your business your way. The estimating system can be installed standalone, integrated with your existing systems, or as a part of the complete Technique MIS. Whatever your situation, the estimating system can quickly be helping you do your job better. - Increase your sales opportunities!

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