Sales Effectiveness

Print Sales people love to make sales, and the new Mobile Customer Relationship Management (Mobile CRM) software from Technique helps them do just that. With online access to the entire company's information, the sales professional is always fully equipped to instantly respond to customers' needs.

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More Quotes - More Business

Technique customers find it to produce 30% more quotes with no increase in resources. Anything from a spiral bound book to a complex piece, such as limited edition case bound books or a combination of everything in between. The intelligent Technique book estimating system makes configuring and pricing a book quick and easy.

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Scheduling Opportunities

We understand that planners at printing companies need to know about everything that is happening, everywhere, right now! At Technique we have proven solutions that are simple to use and quick to implement.

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5-Minute Production Meetings

If you're happy with your key staff losing 50-100 hours/week in needless production meetings then stop reading now. Alternatively, if everyone at your printing company knew the status of all orders, all the time, then production meetings would last no more than 5 minutes. Just think of the time saving! The Technique real time planning system provides you with just that.

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Reduce Waste

Managing paper can be a big financial headache for Financial Controllers at Printing Companies. Whether it is cash tied up in unnecessary inventory; tracking and claiming for paper problems; or reducing overruns, at Technique we have proven solutions that are simple to use, fast to implement, and quick to save you money.

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