Job Costing

Job Costing
Job Costing
  • Allows input of labour, materials, sundry and revenue including allocation of revenue against fixed and variable overheads
  • Provides real-time costing data to Order Management for live picture of job performance
  • Provisions can be allocated for materials, revenue and sundry items
  • Work in progress, audit, sales analysis and costing reports
  • Simple, clear operator screens, with standard layouts for all applications
  • Tracks all estimated costs against initial order to provide in-depth estimated v actual analysis
  • Highlights where profit was made/lost and how Estimating standards should be adjusted for the future

In addition to the main application, the following modules are available:

Data Collection Import Module

Provides ability to import, validate, translate and automatically input hours, copies, ink and paper usage directly from press and bindery data collection systems.

Pre-press Import Module

Ability to integrate to a JDF compliant Pre-Press system and apply all labour, material and extra charges against existing jobs.

Order Management Integration Module

Introduces the concept of cost of production for full visibility for commercial and production staff. For example highlighting the cost of moving a job to alternative equipment are shown instantly without having to go back to Estimating.

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