Interactive mobile access across the entire Technique MIS suite for mobile Apple devices

iTechnique is a completely new mobile management information system (MIS) and executive reporting tool running on iPhone and iPad as a native App. 

Utilizing cloud technology all significant information can be made available securely to staff where ever they are which promotes agile decision making and complete awareness in the company.

Rather than being a ‘light' browser link with view only access, iTechnique is a fully fledged application with the ability to create and update information. Being a native application allows an amazing user interface experience together with the power of offline storage. 

Any forward thinking print organization should have a mobile strategy on how best to embrace the readiness of the technologies available.

iTechnique perfectly embodies the combination of the hugely popular iPad and iPhone with cutting edge software that empowers printers to do their job more effectively, providing better customer service and increasing profitability.

iTechnique empowers everyone in the company to be more efficient using:

  • CRM – Companies, Contacts, Notes and Activities *
  • Sales Enquiries – Quotes
  • Estimating – Re-pricing
  • Production Scheduling – Gantt job view
  • Orders – Full status of every job
  • Data Collection – Live shop floor view
  • Business Intelligence – Interactive drill-down reporting

The iTechnique App is completely social media aware including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
* offline operation syncs data and needs no online connection
This App requires a valid installation of the Technique MIS 5x software.

Applications: iTechnique | CRM | Sales Enquiries | Estimating | Order Management | Production Scheduling | Business Intelligence | Data Collection | Inventory Management | Job Costing | Customer Portal | Connect

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