• Offers extremely fast quotation production utilising a revolutionary route calculation engine
  • Multi-site estimating showing production routes across the organisation pulling together all sections of a job at a common bindery location

In addition to the main application, the following modules are available:

Contracts Module

Allows contract price matrices to be compiled from any estimate and used as a pricing structure for work based on those contracts.

Online Quick-Price Module

Using browser technology and the Estimating engine, this module allows any user to get a price in seconds for custom specifications of new jobs.

Online Contract-Price Module

Using browser technology this module allows any user to get a price in seconds for jobs based upon price lists.

Contracts Forward Plan

Allows key dates and events to be copied forward, keeps delivery and packing details between issues. All information directly updates into Production Scheduling.


Ability to calculate sophisticated commission payments to sales staff and agents. These amounts can also be utilised in the calculation of Estimates.

Outwork Procurement

Automates the task of getting pricing from selected outworkers by allowing them to see specifications of jobs and components in the ‘Outworker Portal'. From here outworkers can enter pricing that can be seen by the Estimating team.

Additional User Licenses

Further licenses are available to meet the needs of the user base.


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