Data Collection

Data Collection
Data Collection
  • Direct job loading from Technique Scheduling and Estimating
  • Real-time planned v actual in scheduling allows better decisions
  • Provides electronic job bag to eliminate errors from out of date information
  • Monitors Sheet-Fed, Web press lines and Finishing resources
  • Simple, clear operator screens, with standard layouts for all applications
  • Production, downtime, shift, material and job reporting available as standard
  • Workflow tracking and pallet management

The following systems are available:


Full DMI (Direct Machine Interface) for Web press, Perfect Binders featuring automated machine, operator and job performance, WIP pallet production, down-time integration, automated hopper monitoring, multi-delivery count control, ink consumption, on-line Job bag and upgraded I/O capabilities.


DMI solution with automated machine, operator and job performance, WIP Pallet production, on-line job bag, down-time integration and standard I/O.


DMI for smaller resources features automated machine, operator and Job performance.


Non-DMI based production equipment, manual performance available.


Browser based software only solution allows the recording of time and
operators against current jobs. This requires a PC or Mac for operation.

Paper Monitoring

Paper monitoring system that can be added to an Advanced DC system on a Web press to monitor the quality and weight of paper.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Sophisticated preventative maintenance application allows full process tracking of maintenance tasks and delivers true ‘total lifetime costs' of equipment.

Applications: iTechnique | CRM | Sales Enquiries | Estimating | Order Management | Production Scheduling | Business Intelligence | Data Collection | Inventory Management | Job Costing | Customer Portal | Connect

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