Customer Portal

Customer Portal
Customer Portal
  • Provides one single interface over all of the applications for simple point and click access to key information
  • Displays progress of external systems including pre-press activities
  • Use "what if" tools to calculate invoice total from agreed contract price lists
  • Information organised into logical groups

In addition to the main application, the following modules are available:

Enquiries Module

Ability for customers to submit requests for quotation on-line and receive formal quotations after the Estimate has been produced.

Quick Pricer Module

Allow customers to submit requests for quotation on-line and receive quotations back on-line within seconds.

Contract Calculator Module

Ability for contract customers to choose existing contracts and use ‘play and predict' tools to evaluate the costs of various permutations.

Orders Module

Provide the facilities for customers to view key production information by job and allow specification changes within pre-set tolerances.

Inventory Module

Allow customers to lookup own stock inventory e.g. paper and view shipping / despatch progress of finished goods.

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