• Instantly view significant information about a customer/prospect in a single screen including enquiries, estimates and orders
  • Group by and sort customer/prospect lists
  • Securely add file attachments against customers and contacts
  • Access full customer/prospect history
  • Lookup customer activities
  • Maintain competitor information

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functionality:

  • Home - front screen with summary information from different areas
  • Opportunity - build a revenue stream with estimated close dates
  • History - remembers previous parameters for quick access
  • Tasks - task management and reminders
  • Events - diary events including follow up
  • Complaints - complaint management and resolve processes

In addition to the main application, the following modules are available:

CRM Mobile Module

Generic mobile version of the CRM specifically for non-Apple mobile platforms including Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone.

If a mobile device is lost or stolen, the IT department can relax, as the built-in security ensures that no company or sensitive information is compromised. The mobile CRM is not just for the sales team, it can be used by any customer-facing members of the organization.


Management and tracking of the full life cycle of a complaint including:

  • Log Time and Costs
  • Track Progress
  • Log Journals against the complaints
  • Public Journals
  • Email alerts
  •  Link to Orders

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