Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence
  • Match dashboards to Key Performance Indicators in the business
  • Real-time displays allow business leaders to take immediate action
  • Technique security model ensures sensitive reports stay private
  • All reporting and selection delivered through web browser
  • Uses Technique standard multi-lingual technology

In addition to the main application, the following modules are available:

Dynamic Reporting

Quick access to well structured reports with dynamic drill-down functionality providing visibility of trends and rapid access to the detail as needed.

Executive Dashboards

A collection of real-time dashboards and score cards across the key areas of the business.


Easy configuration for users to receive selected reports at timed intervals using e-mail and other modern delivery methods.


Built-in report builder allows users or IT staff to create bespoke reports and make changes and re-publish existing reports.

Common Interface

The Technique Business Intelligence suite can be connected to external data sources to provide a common view based on different data sources.

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