About Us

Paul Cooper, CEO

"Over the last 15 years we have seen a huge change in our core markets. We listen to our customers and are continually looking to help them improve many aspects of their companies in these changing and challenging times.

My commitment to our customers is to continuously improve our products and keep them appropriate and effective in order to ensure that they have every business advantage available to them.

I am proud of our incredible teams of enthusiastic and driven people. We go into the new decade very excited, with technology and products we could only have dreamed of when we started, including the new amazing iTechnique App".

Paul Cooper, CEO


Technique MIS

Technique customers are some of the world's most successful publication, commercial and direct marketing print companies, across more than 20 countries and 4 continents.

The company was established in the UK in 1995 and is a leading provider of ERP / MIS software solutions to the printing industry. Today, Technique also has offices in Chicago and is represented in South Africa, France, Spain, and the UAE.

Technique has a significant advantage as our products and services have been developed in close consultation with end users in major printing companies. This is further strengthened by our policy of employing professionals from the printing industry with a wealth of experience who understand both IT systems and best practices in print.

Technique makes printers more effective and profitable: automating processes and eliminating waste. The system is easy to use and quick to implement.

All the applications are multi-site, multilingual, and multi-currency. The modular approach allows users to select only the appropriate components for their type of business, and then integrate them with existing business systems to deliver a complete, focused and effective MIS solution.

Technique products are JDF certified and have won a CIPPI award for best process automation improvement.

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